IoT Cap Lamps

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By 2010, miners' Cap Lamps finally shifted from traditional corded Cap Lamps to cordless. By 2010, the second cap lamp evolution occurred, with the transformation from illumination only devices to wireless digital devices. This is in correlation with modern mines going digital and implementing IoT solutions to reduce costs, optimise productivity and increase safety.

When deciding how to integrate miners into the digital mine, do you keep adding new devices to the associated infrastructure or do you embed all digital functions you require into the cordless Cap Lamp the miner already wears?

Essentially, an IoT Cap Lamp is a regular Cap Lamp with wireless functionalities. This wireless technology is not for high-speed communications. It is purposely designed for monitor and control using low power. It is best described as IoT cap lamp, as it is more than just a wireless cap lamp.

IoT Cap Lamps

Role of Caps Lamps in Digital Mines

The Cap Lamp is the ONLY device

1. powered by battery and

2. carried by every miner

3. all the time

The Cap Lamp is becoming

  • A "Personal Data Centre"
  • A critical PPE Safety Communications Devices

What is an IoT Cap Lamp

An IoT Cap Lamp is a general Cap Lamp
with embedded Wireless module(s) in

  • low bandwidth
  • low power
  • for monitoring, control, alerts and signalling

Wireless Cap Lamp

  • is for monitoring and control
  • is NOT for high-speed two-way communication
This is why we call it IoT, instead of Wireless

Advantages of Cordless Cap Lamps

This transition is nearly complete!

Is "Cordless" suitable for IoT?


  • Better radio signal coverage due to its elevated omni-directional position


  • Limited Batteries
  • Limited space in the enclosure
  • sensitive to weight

Applications of IoT Cap Lamps

Scenario 1: P2P Wireless
Application Example: V2P Ranging

  • Resolution: 5 m
  • Main Application: Collision Warning
  • EMESRT Level: 7/8
  • Resolution: 2 m
  • Main Application: Collision Warning
  • EMESRT Level: 7/8
  • Resolution: 0.3 m
  • Main Application: Collision Avoidance Potential
  • EMESRT Level: possibly 9

Scenario 2: Wireless LAN/WAN
Application Example 1: Miner’s Tracking


Network Location Decision Main Features
WiFi WiFi RSSI Convenient, Expensive, Low Accuracy
LTE BLE Beacon Only Main Tunnels, BLE Maintenance
WiFi BLE Beacon Low Cost, High Accuracy, BLE Maintenance
LoRa RSSI / BLE Very low Cost and Low Accuracy

Scenario 2: Wireless LAN/WAN
Application Example 2: Two-way signaling

  • Evacuation Alert
  • Paging
  • Duress alert



Scenario 2: Wireless LAN/WAN
Application Example 3: Beyond communications

Receive Big Data From Your Miners
  • IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) in cap lamp for movement, traffic awareness,
    man-down detection, human behaviour study, etc.
  • Complete record for light, signalling, temperature, charging, battery, wireless, etc.
  • Potential – light sensor, mini-camera, laser point, etc

Scenario 2: Wireless LAN/WAN
Other Application Examples

  • Access Control
  • Ventilation Control
  • Zone Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Theft Prevention
  • Workshop Management

Scenario 3: On-Site Wireless
Application Examples

Cap Lamp (PPE) Kiosk
  • RFID or NFC
Electronic Tag Board
  • RFID / WiFi
Location/Object ID
  • BLE
Data Logger, eg strata sensor
  • BLE / WiFi
    (Data can be stored, then uploaded when a wireless WAN/LAN signal comes in ranges)

Scenario 4: Wireless Personal Area Network (PAN)

Every miner will have several wireless devices
  • Cap Lamp links to these devices through Bluetooth
  • Cap Lamp will be the centralized device to monitor and control devices
Devices -> Cap Lamp
  • A flashing Cap Lamp is the most effective way to alert a miner, as an example Radiation Sensing Alert
  • Rio Tinto Project – Alerts & Signalling for lost devices
Cap Lamp -> Devices
  • Simple instruction to devices by pressing cap lamp button
  • Device co-ordination

Roobuck for IoT Cap Lamps

Treat your cap lamps as a wireless terminal

  • Is the world leader in IoT Cap Lamps
  • IoT Cap Lamp development is fully supported by our $5.3m CRC-P project
    in collaboration with our research partner and mining partners
Roobuck's Offerings
  • Products: cap lamps, signal lights, wireless devices
  • Solutions: tracking, proximity, access control
  • R&D & Integration Services: Explosion-proof, wireless, lighting, software and API development
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